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Robopec: First systems delivery in China.

The Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) has just received its first two phenotyping systems. Supported by french agronomy institute (INRA) under a research partnership, NAU researchers have chosen to rely on the data acquisition system of Robopec, a division of iXblue. Called Phenotiny, these systems are installed on lightweight wheeled frames manufactured locally. They include 3 LIDAR […]

Robopec: Back to the roots.

Ten years after its first projects in the field of land robotics for Defense, Robopec, a division of iXblue group, has just received an order for supplying an operational demonstrator consisting of 2 outdoor mobile platforms and a centralized control station. The purpose remains for the moment confidential, but the platform will have the capabilities […]


Robopec’s R&D awarded by French MinDef.

Robopec, a division of iXblue Group, has received RAPID funding from the DGA to accelerate its research work in the field of autonomous vessels. Leader of a group including LIS lab and SubseaTech, Robopec will allocate this budget to the improvement of its solutions for perception at sea, in the sense of knowledge and interpretation […]

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Robopec scores twice.

Less than 2 years after the commissioning of the first Phenomobile V2 in Toulouse, the French Institute for Research in Agronomy (INRA) has just received two more machines for the sites of Montpellier and Clermont-Ferrand. Specifically designed to collect phenotyping data on experimental crops, these systems were jointly developed by Meca-3d and Robopec, a division of […]

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Robopec spreads out its technology.

The commissioning of the first Phenomobile V2 has demonstrated the operational benefits of the autonomous mission preparation and execution software suite developed by Robopec, an iXblue company. Convinced by the solution, and concerned about the homogeneity of its fleet, ARVALIS entrusted Robopec to upgrade its first generation autonomous platform (Phenomobile V1) The acceptance tests have […]


Robopec provider for research in agronomy.

Robopec, an iXblue company, has just released 7 more phenotyping gantries (PhenoField) to Arvalis site, center France, thus extending phenotyping capabilities to 28000 m². Robopec has developed, under INRA and Arvalis authority, and in partnership with Meca-3d, a multi-sensors acquisition system dedicated to collect data for phenotyping. This system has outstanding precision performances, allowing the […]

iXblue is proud to announce the recent acquisition of robotics and software developments company, Robopec.

iXblue, a global high-tech company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of advanced autonomous, marine and photonics technologies, has recently made the acquisition of robotics and software developments company, Robopec. Now a fully owned subsidiary of iXblue, Robopec will continue to provide its advanced expertise in artificial intelligence algorithms and software development, as well […]

Ifremer: Long-term support contract.

In 2017, Ifremer deployed the 3rd generation of its software suite for underwater drones’ mission planning and monitoring (Mimosa), developed by Robopec on top of latest WEB technologies. Further to intensive use with the fleet of underwater assets operated by Ifremer, this multi-year contract opens opportunity to widely enhance the software suite with new capabilities […]