Robopec: Back to the roots.

Ten years after its first projects in the field of land robotics for Defense, Robopec, a division of iXblue group, has just received an order for supplying an operational demonstrator consisting of 2 outdoor mobile platforms and a centralized control station.

The purpose remains for the moment confidential, but the platform will have the capabilities like : 4 wheel drive, top speed 15 km/h, carrying capacity of 70kg, crossing sidewalks. In terms of functionality, robots will move autonomously following an initial mission plan but may also adapt their behavior in response to external events. Equipped with LIDAR, RTK GPS and INS, the platforms benefit from the latest algorithms for localization, path following, and obstacle avoidance developed by the young talents of Robopec.

With this order, deliverable in 2019, Robopec is renewing its activity in the field of Defense UGVs. Combined with the ramp-up of its agricultural UGVs, this contract reinforces Robopec’s position as a provider of turnkey solutions for autonomous navigation.