Cetos dronekit

The drone kit is a hardware and software solution aiming to:

  • turn any maritime platform into an unmanned, remote controlled or autonomous, asset
  • increase control or perception capacity of a manned vessel

Platform independent:

  • Tailored to customer’s needs or requirements
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Vessels from 2m to 100+ m


Advanced platform behavior:

  • Safe autonomous or remotely controlled motion
  • Infinite range of scenarios (free paths and speeds)
  • Reactive obstacle avoidance

Support by robotics experts:

  • Customer assistance to architecture design
  • On-site system integration & commissioning
  • Technical assistance



  • Core of DriX (iXblue USV) autonomy
  • Reduced human risk factor and drudgery
  • From launch and recovery to mission’s execution
Third Party System 4000

Mission planification and monitoring:

  • Display nautical charts
  • Draw graphical objects
  • Payload management


Multi sensors fusion and awareness:

  • 3D LIDAR
  • Thermal camera
  • Radar
  • AIS
  • ENC


Obstacle detection and avoidance (OAS):

  • IMO COLREGs compliant


Dedicated guidances:

  • Automatic docking
  • Follow vessel, AUV, ROV