Marine Object Detection and Tracking (MDT)

IR Marine Detection (Infrared)

Maritime object detection

Our software allows us to detect floating objects and ships through an IR (infrared) camera. A 300 m buoy is detected from 200 m to 400 m depending on the sea state. No external instrumentation such as GPS, Inertial Measurement Unit or compass is required.

LIDAR Marine Detection (3D Laser)

With this software, a boat equipped with a Velodyne Lidar (360° laser scan) and a GPS is able to map its environment and to generate both 2D and 3D occupancy grid. Our software can be used on a USV (Unmaned Surface Vehicle) for autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance or mobile objects detection.

LIDAR Marine detection

Collision avoidance

The detected objects can be used with AIS (Automatic Identification System) in order to anticipate and avoid any collision. The system takes into account the boat trajectory and speed as well as those of the different tracks and computes a new trajectory the allows the boat to reach its goal while avoiding obstacles and collisions.


We can provide our software suite as an autonomous application exchanging data to your applications through web services or as a library to be integrated to your own softwares.

To evaluate our algorithm on your videos or for more information, please contact us.