Robopec provider for research in agronomy.


Robopec, an iXblue company, has just released 7 more phenotyping gantries (PhenoField) to Arvalis site, center France, thus extending phenotyping capabilities to 28000 m².

Robopec has developed, under INRA and Arvalis authority, and in partnership with Meca-3d, a multi-sensors acquisition system dedicated to collect data for phenotyping. This system has outstanding precision performances, allowing the highest level of repeatability across the measurement campaigns. Thanks to Robopec expertise in field of complex instrumentation, the positioning of the system, the sensors’ synchronization and the calibration of the system were severely optimized.

In PhenoField application, the acquisition cabinet includes 4 HD cameras, 2 spectrometers and 2 Lidars. Other sensors like IR or multispectral cameras are also natively supported. Core of a mobile equipment, the acquisition cabinet is already in use on X-Y gantries, towed trailers, as well as fully autonomous vehicles like Phenomobile, a true agricultural AGV.

Robopec strongly believes in its original and efficient solution, and maintains significant efforts in developing the phenotyping product line, in addition to historical activities in the fields of advanced perception (multi-sensor fusion, detection and tracking at sea), and of naval and ground autonomous navigation (SLAM, dynamic path planning, obstacle avoidance, COLREGs)