Phenoman: new season, new cabinets.


Phenoman system now features reduced dimension and waterproofing, which are more suitable to prolonged use in fields. Thanks to an optimized internal electronics, an ingenious packaging design and an improved mastery in 3D printing technologies, Robopec released an outstanding equipment in terms of content and quality. A series of 5 new boxes has been delivered, just before the 2020 campaign.

For the record, Phenoman is a phenotyping systems for pedestrian. It is implemented at the end of a pole. The energy comes from a battery housed in a backpack. Each system includes 3 Sony HD cameras. A GNSS receiver provides geolocation of the shots, and a tablet hosts the measurement and tracking software.

Robopec, now the Robotics and AI division of the iXblue Group, regularly expands its product range in the fields of autonomous land and sea navigation, and agronomy.