UdiX is an autonomous ground vehicle. Initially delivered in armored version, it is used as a mobile target for realistic shooting practice.

Thanks to autonomous navigation capabilities (location, automatic planning, path tracking, obstacle avoidance), it moves, alone or as a group, over a range of several km2 in accordance with a mission plan. UdiX offers to trainees interactive exercises, more realistic than fixed or rail-mounted targets. UdiX reacts to shots and impacts in the dummy (stop, flee, regroup, go to the opponent …).

Interesting characteristics:

  • Ground clearance of 15 cm
  • Speed up to 14 km/h
  • Autonomy of about 30 km (for example 6 hours at 5 km/h
  • Fast charge in 2 hours only.


Navigation and obstacle avoidance robust to different situations in the battlefield thanks to combined operation of:

  • IMU
  • 2D LIDAR


Option : up to 2 3D cameras for advanced perception for tricky fields.

Versatile and easily customizable platform, UdiX offers a comprehensive solution for indoor/outdoor autonomous exploration.