Oryx dronekit fall release

MPC stamped

Perception, guidance, simulator, platform… The Oryx dronekit suite (land-based autonomous navigation) is reaping the rewards of an heavy 2020 R&D for the Robotics division of the iXblue Group.

Our customers can now count on:

  • High-precision visual positioning, thanks to the automatic interpretation of ArUco markers. This technology, cheap in instrumentation, is particularly suitable for berthing maneuvers (energy terminal, loading dock …).
  • A perfect mastering of trajectories, regardless of the conditions, thanks to the generalization of model predictive control (MPC) to all supported architectures.
  • An online simulator to maintain and transmit the skill to plan and execute autonomous missions.


We have not forgotten our own development team:

  • The simulator allows it to stress-test the software suite in complex operational scenarios.
  • The Oryx robot offers it a lightweight platform, open to the evaluation of new sensors, and ready to sustain endurance tests by pacing up and down our premises.


These 2 tools are also delighting the sales team, which sees it as an opportunity for attractive pre-sale demonstrations.

Proud to have turned this corner before the festive season, the team is now preparing for exciting new challenges in 2021 to satisfy our customers in the fields of phenotyping,  advanced perception (detection and tracking at sea), and of land and naval navigation (SLAM, dynamic path planning, obstacle avoidance, COLREGs).