Robopec spreads out its technology.

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The commissioning of the first Phenomobile V2 has demonstrated the operational benefits of the autonomous mission preparation and execution software suite developed by Robopec, an iXblue company. Convinced by the solution, and concerned about the homogeneity of its fleet, ARVALIS entrusted Robopec to upgrade its first generation autonomous platform (Phenomobile V1)

The acceptance tests have just been completed successfully on the Greoux-les-bains camp. The team in charge of exploitation particularly appreciated the minimized down time, a major challenge of this upgrade program. New features will increase the efficiency of the data acquisition campaigns: no more limitation to 500 plots per day, transit speed increased of 66%, advanced graphic tools for mission definition, wireless joystick for maneuvering and transit in the fields, real time data quality check and preview. The control law for the 4-wheel steering has also been fully redesigned in order to make the most of the platform’s double Ackermann steering.

True agricultural AGV, the Phenomobile V1 and V2 host a multi-sensors acquisition system dedicated to collect data for phenotyping. In Phenomobile V1 application, the acquisition cabinet includes 2 HD cameras, 3 spectrometers and 3 Lidars. Other sensors like IR or multispectral cameras are now natively supported, thanks to versatility of the Robopec software suite.

Confirmed by the confidence given by its customers,  Robopec maintains significant efforts in developing the phenotyping product line, in addition to historical activities in the fields of advanced perception (multi-sensor fusion, detection and tracking at sea), and of naval and ground autonomous navigation (SLAM, dynamic path planning, obstacle avoidance, COLREGs)

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