Robopec’s R&D awarded by French MinDef.


Robopec, a division of iXblue Group, has received RAPID funding from the DGA to accelerate its research work in the field of autonomous vessels. Leader of a group including LIS lab and SubseaTech, Robopec will allocate this budget to the improvement of its solutions for perception at sea, in the sense of knowledge and interpretation of the local situation.

The research axes are organized around 3 themes:

  • Increase the robustness of detection algorithms
  • Extend detection to the underwater environment
  • Use maritime signage information to define avoidance maneuvers

Innovations in the application of deep-learning to these issues and in the hybridization of complementary sensors in terms of technology and environment are expected within the framework of this program.

With hundreds of hours at sea, especially as safety system of the iXblue DriX, the Maritime Detection and Tracking (MDT) module already addresses the requirements expressed for most autonomous boats. Concerned about participating in the race to autonomy committed by the major players in the field, Robopec relies on significant operational advances and aims for significant market share in this field.

Land robotics is not far behind with a good growth of phenotyping products and novelties in indoor and outdoor autonomous navigation announced in the second half for defense and civil partners.