Ifremer: Long-term support contract.

In 2017, Ifremer deployed the 3rd generation of its software suite for underwater drones’ mission planning and monitoring (Mimosa), developed by Robopec on top of latest WEB technologies. Further to intensive use with the fleet of underwater assets operated by Ifremer, this multi-year contract opens opportunity to widely enhance the software suite with new capabilities and to adapt it to more vehicles.

Mimosa offers usual capabilities in mission management (nautical charts, path creation, dashboard) but also a unique editor for complex missions, allowing to take maximum benefits of the advanced embedded execution engine.

Thanks to this contract, Robopec empowers the skills of an already cutting-edge development team, and becomes a key player for system integrators or drones’ manufacturers seeking to acquire modern underwater drones mission monitoring software

By the way, Robopec maintains significant efforts in developing its own products catalog in the fields of advanced perception (multi-sensor fusion, detection and tracking at sea), and of naval and ground autonomous navigation (SLAM, dynamic path planning, obstacle avoidance, COLREGs)