Toulouse Robot Race 2019.

Robot Race 2019_2 Robot Race 2019

A Robopec team participated in the 4th edition of the TRR and won both events reserved for wheeled robots. Winners in 2017, 1st and 2nd in 2018, our Robin-Romain duo, well supported by our youngest recruits, has, this time, crushed this national competition for autonomous vehicles.

Fairly comfortable winner of the speed event after 4 runs on the 110-metre lap, the RoRoBot definitely impressed spectators and competitors during the DLVV (In Real Life) event. Equipped with its LIDAR and its guidance and obstacle avoidance algorithms (the house specialty!), he ran through the course with disconcerting ease, leaving its closest competitor at almost 1 minute. A nice reward for few sleepless nights just before the competition.

If the Toulouse event is above all a rally for enthusiasts, it attracts each year new teams, sometimes coming from companies renowned in the high-tech square. So many reasons for iXblue and Robopec to be proud of their champions.