Robopec’s know-how boosts waste sorting.


The machines of Pellenc ST, leader in intelligent sorting for waste treatment, are getting a makeover and are being equipped with a brand-new embedded control/command. The arrival of new sensors and increasingly complex algorithms has led to a complete overhaul of the data process. Awarded thanks to a modern, scalable and efficient demonstrator, Robopec‘s experts worked closely with Pellenc ST’s ones for more than a year to implement and develop a set of processes that offers new perspectives to manufacturers in this sector.

Based on the ROS middleware well-known to roboticists, the solution exploits the most subtle mechanisms to guarantee an overall processing time of a few milliseconds, the rate needed to absorb measurements from different sensors (spectrometers, metal detectors, profilometer, cameras) analyzing a flow of materials conveyed at 3 m/s.

With a touch of nostalgia, and a certain pride to contribute to the recycling of our waste, we now wish long life to these new machines.

ROS expertise and multi-sensor data fusion are also core to our key achievements in the areas of advanced perception (detection and tracking at sea), and of land and naval navigation (SLAM, dynamic path planning, obstacle avoidance, COLREGs).