Designed by INRAe  and Arvalis, and manufactured by Meca3D, this agricultural robot is operated on the experimental site of Gréoux-les-Bains.

The concept of Phenolight (high clearance tracator) is quite different from the Phenomobile one (telescopic arm), but the two systems are still real agricultural AGVs.

At the heart of these autonomous robots:

  • On one hand, a graphic mission programming interface that offers a wide range of mission oriented tools to the operator
  • On the other hand, a mission execution engine that controls platform motion and data acquisition sequences with the highest accuracy (GPS RTK)


Phenolight‘s instrumentation consists of 2 HD cameras, 3 spectrometers and 3 Lidars. Other equipment such as IR or multispectral cameras are also supported thanks to the versatility of the Robopec software suite.