Mimosa NG – Mission management

Ifremer wishes to acquire, within the framework of a project called CORAL, a new deep underwater vehicle called AUV 6000 for scientific purposes. On this occasion Ifremer wanted to acquire a new generation mission planner and manager software based on web technologies.

The mission management of a submarine craft is a tool for operators (pilots) and scientists, available on the surface in the control station of the craft, on the support ship. It includes the mission planning of the craft, the real-time monitoring of its navigation data as well as the storage, the provision and the technical analysis of the data.

Mimosa is deployed on the entire Ifremer submarine fleet (AUVs AsterX et IdefX, ROV Victor 6000, HROV Ariane, HOV Nautile, TUV Sysif).


Mimosa is a tool allowing the Ifremer’s operator to :

  • Set up the different campaigns and dives of the fleet’s vehicles
  • Get real time missions’ feedback
  • Retrieve all the data from each vehicle or payload
  • Process all the data retrieved from each dive


We developed a web UI in order to make the deployment easier, as operators just need a web browser to connect it. The UI was developed with Google’s latest framework : Angular 2.

Capture du 2017-03-11 14-48-46

Angular 2 Web application

AUV AsterX
HROV Arianne
ROV Victor 6000
HOV Nautile