Cable Sonar Detection

Within the Espadon DGA Project, ECA Robotics developed an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) recovery system (LARS – Launch and Recovery System) done by an USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle). We developed some sonar data processing algorithms allowing the AUV to detect and follow a cable in order to clamp itself on it and start the recovery phase.

The used sensor is a Blueview P-900 sonar.

The implemented data processing consists in:

  • Potential target extraction
  • Particle filtering tracking to identify and follow the seeked target (the cable) knowing the AUV navigation data and the a priori speed of the cable


The algorithms were tested during trials on real operating environment and proved there robustness to disturbances, even when, during a trial, a dolphin got between the AUV and the cable.

cable sonar detection
AUV Recuperation
Cable sonar detection
Data Processing Overview
Cable Sonar Detection
Cable detection with a daulphin within the field of view
Cable Sonar Detection
Cable Sonar Detection