Automatic waste sorting

Pellenc ST, a leader in intelligent sorting for waste treatment, has given its new generation of machines a brand-new embedded control/command. The arrival of new sensors and increasingly complex algorithms requires indeed the highest level of performance from the data processing pipeline. Awarded thanks to a modern, scalable and efficient demonstrator, Robopec‘s experts worked closely with Pellenc ST‘s ones for more than a year to implement and develop a set of processes that offer new perspectives to industry in the sector.

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Our main contributions to this project are:

  • ROS expertise in designing a distributed and scalable architecture
  • Multi-sensor time and spatial fusion: spectrometers, metal detectors, profilometer, cameras
  • Analysis and ejection control on continuous streams of materials at 3 m/s
  • Guaranteed loop time of a few milliseconds
  • Machine on duty 24/7
  • Configuration and maintenance MMI
  • Training and skills transfer