Phenodrive – Phenotyping trailer

Phenodrive – Flexible phenotyping

Phenodrive solutions, derivatived of Alphi system, are embedded onto a tractor. They allow to acquire a set of measurements for each “flyover” microplot. The path (passing from one microplot to another) is not known by the system but chosen in real time by the tractor driver. The control software knows the geolocation of each plot and the real-time position of the system thanks to the built-in RTK GPS. Data acquisition sequences and/or instrument actions are triggered accurately and repeatably according to the system motion.

Based on a modular architecture, the system is tailored to the needs of each end user. The number, type and layout of the sensors are easily changeable.

Similar systems, such as PheB, FIGARO and PhenoVine, complement this family whose flexibility is the main feature.


Alphi installation

The folded arch can be moved easily
Supervision interface