TSP – Driving Assistance Solution

We developed, for Thomas Constructeur company, a TSP (Train Sur Pneus – Train on road) driving assistance solution. The TSP is a vehicle used during the construction of a tunnel and allowing to carry heavy elements from the tunnel’s entrance to the extremity where the drill head can be found. Such a vehicle’s driving is quite complex because of its size and weight but also because of the tunnel’s width which is slightly equal to the TSP’s width.

The developed algorithm allows to get the data from the sensor, a Sick LMS111 Lidar, and to control the vehicle’s direction thanks to those data. The algorithm ensures that the train stays centred in the tunnel and makes the driving easier for the operator.

loaded TSP
Loaded TSP
TSP cockpit
TSP's cockpit

During the project, we:

  • developed a simulation environment mimicking real operating conditions. The environment was created with Gazebo.
  • realised a study about the Lidar sensor’s noise model, in order to achieve the best precision to correctly locate the vehicle in the tunnel.
  • developed the vehicle’s direction control algorithm, allowing it to stay in the middle of the tunnel
TSP simulated environment
TSP in simulated environment
Empty TSP
Empty TSP
Back TSP
Back of the TSP
Front TSP
Front of the TSP